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Bundesliga in VR - but not in Germany?

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( - Quo vadis VR in the German VR video market

The opening game of the Bundesliga season 16/17 was live broadcasted in VR through Fox, but not in Germany. Is that a general sign that the German market is not yet ready for VR? This is not case! Market intelligence company veed analytics analyzed the State of VR in the Germany video industry identifying already broad activities especially from broadcaster groups:

- 44% of German video services experimenting with VR: A recent study from veed analytics shows that almost half of the German video services started their VR efforts. Broadcaster groups are clearly leading the VR activities with 83% already offering VR experiences to their customers.

- Documentaries and sports are the prevalent VR genres: veed analytics identified documentaries and sports as the leading genres for VR when analyzing the broadcaster VR offerings. Documentaries are only distributed on-demand while sport events are broadcasted live in VR (like Bundesliga or Olympia).

- More than 97% of available VR content is shorter than 10 minutes: Short form VR content dominates the broadcaster VR offerings in Germany. The average duration of available VR content is 3.2 minutes.

veed analytics is running its Munich based VR Experience Center with access to all relevant devices incl. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and access to all relevant VR video applications.

About veed analytics
veed analytics offers unique international video service intelligence. As a customer you receive thorough reports, insights and analyst sessions in our experience center enabling you to maximize your business and to design outstanding video products.

veed analytics is a service by Mücke, Sturm & Company, one of the leading management consultancy firms in the German-speaking area for the digital transformation.

Dr. Bernd Riefler
Chief Marketing Officer
veed analytics | Mücke, Sturm & Company Theresienhöhe 12
D-80339 München

Tel: +49 151 582 43355
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